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Power Care Inc. - Who We Are!!

Power Care Inc. is driven by a deep passion to preserve our creation and created things. We satisfy this passion by incorporating early failure detection, correction and analysis into all our services. These services include design, installation and maintenance of electrical power systems and associated service equipment. We do this with a conscious and careful consideration of our environment. 

Power Care's foundational service platform, PCM3™, focuses on preserving system safety, reliability and
efficiency utilising:

  • Cutting-edge technology: to monitor and detect early signs of system and equipment failure.

  • Highly trained and experienced technicians: to quickly remedy failure and collect failure data

  • Failure data: for continuous Improvement of design and installation methodologies.

We believe that the preservation of our creation, the power system and/or associated equipment used on
your projects are highly valued in your organization and you might be interested in seeing how Power Care
and its PCM3™ Platform and Culture could add value to the life cycle of those assets employed.

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